Bachelor of Science in Computer
Science & Information Technology
[B. Sc. CSIT]


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B. Sc. CSIT), affiliated to T.U. is the course composition of 4 years IT and computer courses. For fulfilling the need of the job market in the field of IT profession, many elective courses have been also introduced. The program comprises computer science and allied courses of 126 credit hours. The program invulves, in addition to conventional lectures, a great deal of practical and project works. The program develops the underlying principles of both Computer Science and Information Technology and shows how these principles can be applied to real world problems. this program develops the skills that are essential for both for both computer professionals and IT managers.

Program's Objectives

The main aim of B.Sc. (CSIT) program is

  • To offer intensive knowledge in the theory, design, programming and application of computers.
  • To provide necessary knowledge in the field of functional knowledge of hardware system and the and necessary knowledge of computer software system.

Eligibility Condition for Admission

The candidate applying for B. Sc. (CSIT) program must have:

  • Successfully completed twelve-years schouling/ PCL in science or its equivalent from any University, board or institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • Applicants are required to appear in the entrance test conducted by Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University (ISOT-TU) and should secure at least 35% marks in order to be eligible.
  • Must Secure at least second division in the 10+2, PCL or equivalent program. Compiled with all the application procedures.

Course Cycle

Freshman Year / First Semester:
CSC-101 : Introduction to Information Technology
CSC-102 : Fundamentals of Computer Programming
STA-103 : Probability and Statistics
MTH-104 : Calculus and Analytical Geometry
(Natural Science Elective 1: A Student can opt for any one of the following courses)
PHY-105 : Physics I
BIO-106 : Biology I
GEO-107 : Geology I
STA-108 : Statistics I
Freshman Year / Second Semester:
CSC-151 : Digital Logic
CSC-152 : Discrete Structures
CSC-153 : Microprocessor
CSC-154 : Data Structures and Algorithms
MTH-155 : Linear Algebra
(Natural Science Elective 2: A student can opt for any one of the following courses)
PHY-156 : Physics II
BIO-157 : Biology II
GEO-158 : Geology II
STA-159 : Statistics II
Sophomore Year/ Third Semester:
CSC-201 : Computer Architecture
CSC-202 : Object Oriented Programming Language
CSC-203 : Operating Systems
CSC-204 : Numerical Method
MGT-205 : Introduction to Management
Sophomore Year/ Fourth Semester:
CSC-251 : Theory of Computation
CSC-252 : System Analysis and Design
CSC-253 : Database Management System
CSC-254 : Computer Graphics
CSC-255 : Introduction to Cognitive Science
ENG-256 : Technical Writing
Junior Year / Fifth Semester:
CSC-301 : Computer Networks
CSC-302 : Simulation and Modeling
CSC-303 : Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSC-304 : Artificial Intelligence
(Computer Science Elective 1: A student can opt for any one of the following courses)
CSC-305 : Microprocessor Based Design
CSC-306 : Applied Logic
CSC-307 : E-governance
CSC-308 : Wireless Networking
MGT-309 : International Business Management
MGT-310 : International Marketing
CSC-311 : Neural Networks
CSC-312 : Computer Hardware Design
CSC-313 : Cryptography
Junior Year/ Sixth Semester:
CSC-351: Software Engineering
CSC-352: Compiler Design and Construction.
CSC-353 : Web Technologies
CSC-354 : Real Time System
(Computer Science Elective 2: Any one of the following courses)
CSC-355 : Knowledge Management
CSC-356 : Fundamentals of E-Commerce
CSC-357 : Society and Ethics in Information Technology
CSC-358 : Automation and Robotics
CSC-359 : Digital System Design
CSC-360 : Net Centric Computing
CSC-361 : Web Centric Computing
CSC-362 : Embedded System Programming
CSC-363 : Image Processing
Senior Year/ Seventh Semester:
CSC-401: Advance Database and Information System
CSC- 402: Internet Technology
CSC- 403: Advance Java Programming
CSC-404: Project Work 
Elective : Any one of the following
CSC-405: Information Retrieval
CSC-406: Database Administration 
CSC-407: Network and System Administration 
CSC-408: Software Project Management
Senior Year/Eighth Semester
CSC-451: Data Warehousing and Data Mining 
CSC-452: Internship
Elective Course(Any two of the following)
CSC-453:Advance Networking with IPv6
CSC-454: Distributed Networking 
CSC-455: Network Security 
CSC-456: Multimedia Database
CSC-457:Distributed and Object Oriented Database
CSC-458: Could Computing 
CSC-459: Geographical Information System 
CSC-460: Decision Support System